I believe in technical skill, in scientific knowledge, in professional commitment and in humane ability of challenging one self to always seek to improve.

As a professional but also, and especially, as a person. I never forget how human I am, and how important that is to me.

I believe in the potential of the human being, in one's strengths and dynamics of the relationships one gets engaged with, in one's flaws and one's ability to learn and change along the way. 


I believe in the adventure of walking the path. 


You either find a path, or you create the path you need ...

about me

Psychologist, continuously in training for refreshing and updating knowledge and skills.

Post graduate in Change and Development in Psychotherapy, as well as advance training in CBT and Integrative models and in Gestalt therapy.

Trained in Crisis intervention.

Trained in LGBTI+ intervention.

Clinical Team Coach and Counsellor in EAP services. 

Trainer, specialised in Gender Equality and Trauma intervention.

my path