We, humans, are essentially provided with resources and skills that help us to deal with adversities along the way. It is in this dynamic mastery that we adapt and solve most of our day to day problems. 

Fostering change and personal growth involves believing in one's ability and skill, in one's strengths and potential to improve and learn, as well as trusting one's personal experience.


... create new paths, write new narratives, discover new ways to be oneself ...

During a therapeutic process, you will notice that you will dare more. You will try, dream, do, perform, think and create your own life in your own day to day experience.

Psychological support can be helpful in several moments and aspects of your life...  


•   Depression

•   Grief/ loss 

•   Interpersonal difficulties, romantic and couple difficulties 

•   Self-esteem

•   Anxiety, panic, phobias

•   Personal growth, self-knowledge and awareness 

•   other issues


It is important to attend to the uniqueness of each person. The most important factor in deciding which approach and intervention to follow it's one's level of distress, not the label or the diagnosis.