There are some myths and misconceptions about psychotherapy and psychological support that often prevent people from seeking and engaging with specialised help when such assistance could be helpful.

for me?
Psychotherapy and psychological support are not just for people struggling with severe mental ilnesses. 
Sadly, stigma still affects those who seek mental health support, when in fact an increasing number of people impacted by diverse situations and circumstances that are engaging with and benefiting from psychotherapy and psychological support. This support is not intended to override the person, as the person is the core element without whom the process cannot exist. The whole therapeutic process involves communication and consent.

Psychological intervention is not about easy standard procedures for a quick and immediate cure. Effort and commitment from both parties is critical to satisfactory, consistent and lasting outcomes, with real positive impact in one's well-being and mental health.

This one will never be enough: your therapist doesn't know everything. A therapist is a dedicated helping professional, and is also a human being, fallible and able to own and learn from mistakes.
Ultimately, you are is the indisputable expert in the struggles that affect you, and your input is vital to the way the therapist will consider the selection and implementation of strategies and interventions.