Think of  psychotherapy as a journey.

Your therapist will be your guide and companion along the way, the strategies and techniques used will be our transport. You are the one deciding where we will go, and you will choose and agree the specific route or generic direction with the therapist.
Still, be prepared! The unknown is always there, with doubts to face and opportunities to discover. This is a challenging and collaborative process 
where you will indeed be responsible for your change. 

A map is not the territory:
... the road is made by walking ...
The theoretical model used will be the one that best suits the person, respecting scientific research findings while maintaining that "a point of view regarding the world is the world regarded from a point".


We integrate concepts and strategies from CBT, by addressing how some thought processing errors can be automatically accepted with negative consequences for the person.  

Experiential and humanistic therapeutic elements are also relevant by reinforcing the therapeutic relation. The quality of the therapeutic alliance is vital for operating the desired changes. Only by truly and freely expressing one's emotions can the person be in the session and in the therapeutic process.  

It is also important to consider psychodynamic processes pertaining personal and prior history and patterns, especially when relational context and settings are actively contributing to the person's issues.

As we live in a world where several roles and relationships connect with each other, we also maintain a systemic approach and use some of its core strategies.

The therapeutic process is not limited by its sessions. Strategies and skills will be used in the person's day to day context, so that change can happen, and grow to be consistent and effective.  


Individual support are available face to face in Lisbon, and online sessions can be delivered through a secure and private online platform. 

Typically, the modality you choose remains unchanged throughout the process. However, occasionally, you may need to change to another modality (holidays, work related travels). We want a flexible and adaptable psychotherapy, so we will find a way to meet your needs, at every moment.